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WikiBooks are virtual books that can be created using the great resources on Wikipedia.

WikiBooks can be created in the form of electronic documents (including the popular Adobe pdf format) which are ideal for use in Higher Education (HE) since the licence covers their use on virtual learning environments as well as in the classroom. WikiBooks are also printable (subject to the licence).

Here are some video clips highlighting the educational benefits, ease of creation and sheer convenience of WikiBooks.  There are longer and shorter overviews of the value of WikiBooks, plus a demonstration of how one can add interaction to a basic WikiBook. Finally see a WikiBook actually being created in just four minutes (an Economics Primer) and help yourself to the resulting WikiBook.

Value of WikiBooks (Five Minute Overview)

Value of WikiBooks (Two Minute Summary)

Adding some interaction to WikiBooks (Seven Minutes)

See the creation of an Economics Primer WikiBook (Four Minutes)